From our six state-of-the-art production facilities, and using the finest materials available, L&L is able to produce and supply the full spectrum of concrete mix designs required in today’s high tech construction industry. Through a diligent quality control program, that includes the continual monitoring and testing of materials before, during, and after the pour, L&L has been able to consistently produce concrete that not only meets but exceeds the requirements of today’s demanding professionals and state. With an eye on emerging technologies, and our own fully equipped testing lab, we are able to test, develop, and offer solutions to the varied demands of an evolving marketplace.

L&L has been instrumental in introducing products such as “Flowable Fill”, “Roller Compacted Concrete”, “Light Weight Concrete”, “Pervious Concrete”, and “Fiber Reinforced Concrete” to the area and has conducted several seminars on new technologies at our Southampton facility. Special architectural mix designs such as “Exposed Aggregate” and “Stamped Concrete” are produced on a regular basis as well as NJ State-Certified DOT Concrete.

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